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Hopkins, Belize

Mailing Address:
PO Box 200


Stann Creek District



To get to the cabana, once you arrive at the main intersection in Hopkins, take a right. Drive about 1 minute, past The Happy Store on your right and Thongs Cafe on your left.  About 300 feet past Thongs, look for the Miami Beach Grill or Peer's Place on your left .  If you get to the Catholic Church on the left, you've gone too far!  Once you take a left on the access road heading to the cabana, you can park at the end of the access road near the sea, but please pull off to the side so as not to block the road (it is a public access road). Blue Moon Cabana and Baby Blue Cabana are one lot over from the access road. Once you park, walk to your cabana along the beach near the water (this is the public part of the beach). You will be able to see your vehicle from the cabana's veranda. DO NOT try to drive across the sand and park in front of the cabanas--your vehicle will get stuck!

Hopkins Village,    Belize

Blue Moon Cabana