Blue Moon Cabana

Hopkins Village,    Belize

Hopkins Village, Belize
Links to a few Popular Local Spots and Things to Do in Hopkins
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Flying Boat Adventures
Flying Boat Adventures is Blue Moon Cabana's official partner for tours and adventures and can arrange all of your activities and adventures during your stay in Hopkins. Mirko, who is the property manager for Blue Moon Cabana, is also the owner and operator of Flying Boat Adventures, making it convenient for guests to access and arrange activities. You can also find a list of possible activities to explore on our 
"Tours & Adventures" page.

Driftwood Beach Bar and Pizza Shack
Driftwood Beach Bar and Pizza Shack should be on the top of your list of local places to check out in Hopkins. Located on the north end of Hopkins Village, this restaurant/bar boasts jaw-dropping views of the beach and Caribbean Sea. It's about a 15 minute stroll up the beach from Blue Moon Cabana. Denise, owner and operator of this great little local place, will take good care of you and serve you tasty food and drinks. She serves more than pizza (which many say is the best they've had anywhere!) and offer daily specials. If you have a craving for something special, just ask --if they have it, they will make it for you --pasta, chicken, bbq, fish, veggies, salads, etc. You will be served great drinks at their super fun bar right on the beach! Go once, you'll go back!

Innies Restaurant: Authentic Garifuna Food
"Innies Restaurant is a locally owned restaurant that has been operating for fourteen years. The cook, Marva Martinez, has an unbelievable amount of experience in the kitchen and she does an excellent job of revealing the Belizean taste. Marva is known for her ability to provide visitors with the unique taste of the Garifuna people's food. She makes the best Hudut and Bundiga in Hopkins, Belize and if you stayed in Hopkins and did not get to try Hudut or Bundiga at Innies then you may not have tasted the real thing! In addition to making the best Garifuna food, Innies Restaurant also makes excellent Belizean food. One of the specialties on the menu is Belizean rice and beans with stewed chicken seasoned with local herbs."