Blue Moon Cabana

Balance is due in cash upon arrival or via PayPal at least 7 days prior to arrival. 

(Refer to the "Reservations & PayPal" tab on our website for more information about payment options and cancellation policy. We encourage you to pay your balance due in cash upon arrival to save yourself the 5% online charge.)

Information about your arrival/departure:  Let us know as soon as possible if you want us to arrange private transportation to and from Hopkins (pick-up/drop-off locations are listed under the "Tours & Adventures" tab). Please send us an email to inquire about transportation fees, which are based on the location of pick up. 

Our Property Manager, Mirko, will meet you at Blue Moon upon your arrival.  To get to the cabana, once you arrive at the main intersection in Hopkins, take a right. Drive about 1 minute, past The Happy Store on your right and Thongs Cafe on your left.  Turn left at the Miami Beach Bar or Peer's Place.  If you get to the Catholic Church on the left, you've gone too far!  Once you take a left on the access road heading to the cabana, you can park at the end of the access road near the sea, but please pull off to the side so as not to block the road (it is a public access road). Blue Moon Cabana and Baby Blue Cabana are one lot over from the access road. Once you park, walk to your cabana along the beach near the water (this is the public part of the beach). You will be able to see your vehicle from the cabana's veranda. DO NOT try to drive across the sand and park in front of the cabanas--your vehicle will get stuck!

Please coordinate with Mirko prior to your arrival to verify your arrival time.  His phone number is +501 669-2660, and his email is   

Please note that check-in time is 3pm and check-out time is 10am.

Cancellation Policy: To cancel your reservation and receive a refund of your deposit, you must notify us at least 60 days prior to your scheduled arrival date in Hopkins, and we will return your deposit, minus a 1-night non-refundable fee. Paypal charge us a transaction fee for making a refund. You will be charged a 5% fee for receiving a refund via Paypal, which will be deducted from your refund. Refunds are processed within 30 days of cancellation request. Refunds cannot be issued if you cancel your reservation within 60 days prior to your arrival. Also, refunds cannot be issued if you decide to shorten your stay once you arrive. 

Thank you again for choosing to stay with us!

Reservation Form

We can also make arrangements for you to take a 20-minute flight on Tropic Air from the International Airport to Dangriga, which is then only a 30-minute drive to Hopkins. Our Property Manager, Mirko, is a Tropic Air agent and at no additional cost to you, he can book all of your flights WITHIN Belize. Payment will be required at the Tropic Air counter when you arrive in Belize. Once we make the Tropic Air flight reservation for you, we will send you the reservation confirmation and flight information.
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(This form should only be completed if you have contacted us to confirm your desired dates and AFTER your 50% deposit has been made.)

Thank you for choosing to stay with us! Your reservation is confirmed once you make a 50% deposit  of your total rate plus 14% room tax. For your convenience, you can make a secure payment via PayPal from our website under the “Reservations & PayPal” link.  Once you make your deposit, come back to this page and fill in the information below and submit this form to us as soon as possible.

Hopkins Village,    Belize