Blue Moon Cabana
Hopkins Village, Belize
Phone in Belize:  501-669-2660
(from US/Canada, dial 011 first; from Europe, dial 00 first)

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The Cabanas are centrally located in one of the most popular areas of Hopkins Village and are within walking distance of grocery stores, restaurants/bars, shops, and other popular establishments.

Blue Moon Cabana is the larger of the two cabanas and has a fully-equipped kitchen (cook not included!), dining area, 2 bedrooms with full-size beds, living room with full-size futon, and a tiled bathroom. The house can accommodate 4 to 6 guests.

Enjoy your own private cabana right on the beach! You will no doubt be spending a lot of time in one of the hammocks out on the 8-foot wide covered veranda that spans the entire front and one side of the cabana. Surrounded by windows, you will enjoy stunning views and breezes flowing directly off the sea. You'll love the amazing sunrises and moonrises from your veranda and from your front yard beach area. Tastefully decorated and furnished with locally-crafted mahogany furniture, Blue Moon Cabana has everything you need to be comfortable and relaxed, while maintaining a Caribbean rustic-charm.

Baby Blue Cabana is a one-bedroom cabana for rent, including a full-size bed, bathroom, kitchenette, and covered veranda. Situated on our beachfront lot behind Blue Moon Cabana, Baby Blue Cabana enjoys sea views, has a separate walkway out to the public beach, and is steps from the sea. Baby Blue Cabana is perfect for a single guest or couple. Staying in the larger beachfront Blue Moon Cabana and need extra space for your party? Baby Blue Cabana is a great option to add extra space and to keep your additional guests close by. It is also available as a separate rental property from Blue Moon Cabana.

About Hopkins Village: 
Hopkins is a friendly village and because Blue Moon Cabana and Baby Blue Cabana are located in the center of Hopkins, you can walk to everything. You can also rent a bicycle, motorbike, or golf cart to get around. The Cabanas are situated on a private beachfront lot and because we're in a village we do have neighbors. Hopkins is a vibrant traditional village that comes alive early in the morning with the singing of tropical birds and the occasional rooster letting you know it's morning! If you're looking to experience the culture of a local village in Belize, Blue Moon Cabana and Baby Blue Cabana are the perfect spot. If you require a more luxurious and fancier experience, you may be happier with a resort-type accommodation in the north and south outskirts of the village. There is a variety of accommodation options in and around Hopkins to meet the diverse needs of vacationers. 

In Hopkins, you'll have access to the best Belize has to offer, including fabulous beaches and easy access to the Caves, diving and snorkeling, nearby mountains and jungles, and much more. Mirko, our Property Manager, is a licensed tour operator through the Belize Tourism Board and owner/operator of Flying Boat Adventures, our official partner for transportation/transfers, tours and adventures, and flights within Belize. Visit the Tours & Adventures tab to learn more about things you can do during your stay in Hopkins.

Welcome to Blue Moon Cabana

Blue Moon Cabana

Hopkins Village,    Belize

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